We have been travelling across america in our 1992 Ford Econoline van with our two dogs for the last 4 months. Here is a list of the 5 worst things we have encountered travelling with our pups.

Top 5 worst things about travelling with dogs.

5. They take up a lot of room in your van.

With four paws each, toys, beds, food, bowls, poo bags, winter clothes, things can get crowded pretty fast. Sometimes there is only room for them to sleep in your bed, and those furry little kids generate so much heat you pretty much don’t even have to turn your heat on, ever! With propane as part of your weekly budget, you can stretch it a lot further with these little four legged furnaces.

4.You can’t get anywhere fast.

If you have ever gone anywhere with your pups, you know the constant flow of people stopping to pet them or ask about them, or better yet, take pictures with them. These people never care if you have somewhere to be, they are usually super polite and genuinely interested in you and your pups. They are usually more than eager to tell you all about their city as well, giving you the inside scoop on the great local hangouts. If they have dogs of their own, they are also usually very quick to tell you all about the places your Fido is allowed as well.

3.You can’t go to fancy restaurants.

Sure we all feel the urge to try that new fancy restaurant someone has mentioned, well, you can’t go if you choose to travel with your dog! Unfortunately, having dogs with you means that you are forced to find some fresh ingredients at a local farmers market, so say good bye to all those preservatives, you should also dig out that apron you bought and never use, don’t forget to clear your schedule because you’re cooking dinner tonight. The pups got their way, they now get to spend more time with you and the whole family, snuggled in around the table sharing your favourite highlights of the days adventures. Or since you can’t have dinner in that restaurant anyways, you might as well drive to your nearest beach or mountain to feast on your home cooked meal. Theres nothing worse than fresh air or a star lit sky with your dinner!

2.Having to walk your dogs everyday.

You’re not a big fan of the torrential rain? Well you had better learn to get used to it, because your dog needs to go outside to sniff around for exactly 9 minutes before peeing. Rain or shine, having a dog with you means it doesn’t matter, you’re getting outside because he also needs a long walk. You might as well say goodbye to those extra pounds you started your trip with because you’re walking them off. You don’t always know when your pup is going to need a bathroom break, so be prepared to make random stops in places you didn’t plan. Like quaint little side of the road cafe’s or “The worlds best beef jerky house”, making all those little memories that make up the trip.

1.Most National Parks are not dog friendly.

Yosemite, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, well, unfortunately you won’t be checking those off your bucket list unless you plan on boarding your pooch. In most national parks dogs are hardly even allowed in the parking lot outside the entrance for a pee. You have to be creative and plan ahead. It forces you to find the most amazing backcountry scenery where most people have never been before. Sure you aren’t right at the waterfall everyone has been to, but you and your best friend have found a secluded waterfall of your own that you can both run through and play in, without 100 other tourists trying to do the same thing. You end up finding places you can’t even pinpoint on GPS and vow never to tell anyone because you hope that fellow dog travellers will follow their nose and uncover the beautiful secret you never would have found if you were allowed inside that National park.

We hope you have enjoyed our list. If you are interested in seeing more of our adventures, please check us out at http://www.runfreedawg.com for the full story. Or if Instagram is more your style, you can follow us at @runfree_sam and @runfree_tom – don’t hesitate to say hi, we love reading about fellow dog travellers as well.

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