We technically had one more night with Jordan, but since his flight was early and needed him to be at the airport at 5:15, we thought best to have an early one. We drove the three and a half hours back to Miami, we had plans to get up early and have the day to explore the city, but our hungover selves had different plans. We hit the road at about 2:30 and arrived in Miami at sunset. We thought to make the best of it and headed to Bayfront Park, as it claimed to have coffee shops and stores. It ended up being more of an outdoor mall but we walked around the city and I took some cool pics at night and worked on the pups training.DSC_0483

We were all pretty exhausted but decided to push on and take a drive to long beach to check it out before Jordan left, It was about 82% humidity, sweaty and the streets were packed.There wasn’t a hope in hell to find parking so we drove around aimlessly till we all kind of just gave up. We decided to head towards the airport and find the closest Walmart and crash there for the night. We were all a bit bitchy and tired with each other, so it got a bit hard to hold patience when everything didn’t go right with dinner. Eventually we all curled in, and awaited our 4:30 am start.DSC_0448

It came all to soon, I stayed in bed while the boys drove to the airport. We were all pretty sad to part, we really loved having Jordan with us, and I don’t think Jordan was in much of a rush to get back to -20 degree weather. We all exchanged hugs, With Tom’s plan to go back to the UK when the trip was over, Jordan now has plans to come and visit this summer. I will see Jordan when I get home but it was still an emotional goodbye! hahaha!

So it was back to the original foursome. For anyone who thinks living in a van is easy and that couples that live in vans always look so happy on their little adventures with their perfect dogs. Well it’s a lie. First of all, what do people do when they have their picture taken? They smile. People always look happier in pictures, thats why people post them. The truth is, its hard, and sometimes we want to kill each other, sometimes we fight all day. but let’s be honest, you’re literally living in a tiny van, and when the sun isn’t shining or it’s cold, it’s extremely restricting. Time apart is super important, and sometimes, the van just needs silence. It’s not easy, then you throw “trying to put the pieces to a failed engagement back together” in the mix, and bam, the van just got a lot smaller. There’s a lot of emotions and unanswered questions, there’s love and there’s resentment, there’s so much happiness and then there’s hours of hurt feelings. We make do the best we can and the good times far outweigh the hard, but yes it’s a struggle. I do believe life is meant to be spent with one person you choose, but not 24 hours a day 7 days a week. it’s just not possible, well it is, but it’s much easier when you can get the hell out of the van and go explore (sometimes on your own)DSC_0489

Sunshine always makes it easier. Everyone is happy when its sunny outside, so we headed back down to Key West to soak in the sand and vitamin D. The sun was a little faded behind the clouds when we got there, and we had a bit of bad timing because they started cracking down on the “van-ers” from parking at the beach front or literally anywhere this year. The first day, a nice police officer came by and asked us to politely move on, people had been complaining that there was to many vans (?) I’m sure its just rich people with nothing better to do but complain about nothing. We talked to a few other van owners that had been coming here for years, they said that they are trying to get rid of any “travellers” and encourage wealthy snowbirds instead, keep the area very rich expensive. Apparently if you travel in a van, you are poor hippies that ruin the ambiance of the rich beach life. We abided by the laws and parked 20 minutes outside of the city to sleep and found small residential areas to park in the day, since vans weren’t even allowed in the parking lots.DSC_0480

The next day, I had pulled over at 7 am to Skype with my uncle about my website, in a parking lot near the beach that I got wifi from. We got a massive bang on the window, and when we answered the heavy set police man said “ you can’t park here!” in an excessively angry tone. We said sorry, we will move on, and he turned around and walked away. Tom went to the front seat and started to google where to go, and the police man came back, looked Tom in the face, walked up, pounded his fist multiple times on the passenger side and screamed “ GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” both me and Tom jumped and were disgusted about how we were treated! We weren’t causing any harm, we were literally the only car in an empty lot, so we weren’t taking all the room. We were there for maybe 20 minutes total. We also aren’t drunks or druggies or causing any sort of ruckus. I thought the police were supposed to be on your side, oh wait, I forgot, we are in the states.threes company

With a slight sour taste in our mouths, we moved on and were completely paranoid to park anywhere in Key West, for fear of getting towed, or a 600$ ticket. The weather was pretty crappy so we thought best to head up to Islamaderos, about an hour and a half away.

No vans allowed!...

Goodbye Jordan. 🙁

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