Happy New Year! Its the first day of a new year, A fresh start, I’m not really one to do the whole “New Years resolution” thing, I try to set goals throughout the year. So as much as a fresh start is always a good thing, I believe everyday is a fresh start, with no mistakes in it yet. So live every day to the fullest! On that note, I am still nursing a pretty crappy hangover from last night’s New Years festivities. From our family to yours, we hope you all had a safe and awesome New Years! DSC_0187

We pulled into New Orleans at about 11 and did about 30 minutes of crawling in traffic with our van through Bourbon street, lined with crazy drunk tourists. It was madness but super cool. The streets were jam packed with bars and clothing stores, strip clubs and restaurants. It was just as you would imagine, the colours were bright and everything was alive, music was playing from every corner and the smell of fresh seafood invaded your nostrils.DSC_0146
We finally found a parking spot big enough to fit the van, thanks to a fellow van owner, who saw us searching and offered us his extended spot. We payed seven dollars for 2 hours, strapped up the dogs and headed into the chaos. DSC_0213

Considering it was about midday on new years eve, there was already quite a steady stream of people out for a good time. We all weaved our way through each other’s paths and the pups followed suit, stopping repeatedly to talk to people about the dogs and let them say hello. I wouldn’t necessarily call New Orleans dog friendly, as they weren’t allowed in all stores, but they did come in a few. As hard as the roads were to walk as a person, they were a little more challenging trying to dodge drunk, with the pups. I still would have done it in a heartbeat, it was great practise and training for our two.DSC_0209

We attempted to look into a place for to stay for New Years eve. After a couple failed attempts at airbnb and failing to find a dog friendly hotel/motel in our price range, last minute, we opted to stay at Bayou Stegnette State Park. It was 26$ a night and about 20 minutes outside of the city, so we figured the money we would save not getting a hotel, we could use for a cab. We caught an Uber at about 8pm after a few pre party beers and homemade pasta, and headed downtown.DSC_0153

We had chatted with a few locals earlier and they told us to go down to Jackson square for the fireworks and then to Fishermans Wharf for a better drinking scene without all the crazy drunk tourists and hecticness. All three of us agreed, a little less touristy was more of our scene and we were super happy with our decision. To be honest the fireworks display was a little lame, blowing off one firework at a time, I kind of expected better seeing as New Orleans was in the top 4 places to be in the USA for New Years. It was still a once in a lifetime moment I was happy to be a part of, The crowds were massive and the music was great!DSC_0143
We bounced around from one awesome jazz/blues bar to another. We danced in the street with groups of others surrounding outdoor DJ’s. We bought cheap beers from the liquor store and walked around aimlessly, it was perfect. We met a couple girls and their guy friend, and played wingman for our friend, we found a little bar and headed in. We spent the night making new friends, watching Jordan playfully flirt with the two girls who who were both very interested in him. Tom made it to new years but fell asleep pretty promptly after his 2nd tequila shot (to be fair he had about 9 beers as well) and remembered about 63 % of his night.DSC_0151

Getting home was a bit of a mission in itself, as there was a lack of cabs for all the people like us wanting to get home at about 2:30 am like us. Me and Jordan put Tom in a drunk chair and proceeded to wave to any passing car, and constantly checking for an available Uber near us. Jordan finally booked an Uber and we had our ride home. We got a little lost and it took us about 25 minutes to get home, but eventually we made it safe and sound. We found out the next morning, that in our drunken state the night before we had agreed to pay 5x the amount that uber had changed the rules about. We added it up and had spent almost 200$ in rides there and back, This was a super sneaky move by Uber and we will really think twice about using them again. A cab would have been much cheaper, even if there was a higher start rate to begin with.

Prior to heading out the boys bugged me about throwing up every single one of our nights out together in Edmonton (as I earlier mentioned I’m not much of a drinker, haha). So I am going to take this moment to brag about my ability to drink all night with the big boys and NOT spew, and was actually the least hungover in the morning. This is also made more impressive by the fact I’m 4ft’11 and the boys are both 6ft’3. Ok my gloating is done!DSC_0161

We pretty much laid around and slept till about 3 in the afternoon. I was up at about 11am, did the dishes, took the pups out, and eventually got sucked back into bed with snuggles from Tom and the pups. It was an awesome night and a great New Years day. I couldn’t imagine better people to spend it with.DSC_0173

New Years madness!

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