Its been a little too long since I have had the time and inspiration to get back into my writing. A couple months have passed now and I have sold my little white cargo van, with deep regret. She was an amazing little van and my mind is happy knowing I actually sold her to this awesome free spirited young couple, buying her to camperize and take her on many new adventures. May she bring them all the joy and travel she gave me, even in the short time I had her. I bought a Subaru Forester to get me from A to B in the meantime and she has served me well.IMG_1707

I know I spoke last time about people that come into your life, always serve a purpose, or maybe, they were just a stepping stone. Well sometimes people also wear masks, not everyone is who they say they are, but spend enough time with them and you will quickly see their true colours. I like to think of myself as a pretty positive person, I don’t hold onto things, I don’t live with regret, I try my hardest to appreciate the small things everyday and most importantly I love love love. Pay attention to the red flags, When you start to become a version of yourself that isn’t normally you, its a sign. Ya know those “gut feelings” people say to follow? Well it took me 28 years to realize what those meant. Find someone who makes you feel like the best version of yourself. IMG_1699And yes, of course everything is great in the beginning, all giddy and happy and you think he is the one. But look a little closer, look at his goals, ambitions, his drive, his love for his family, the way he treats people in public. pay attention to those little things that you don’t really like. Does he do drugs, did he fail 3 years of his first year of university so he could party hard for free, does he have no ambition to buy a house or provide for himself, what are his values,and bigger yet, what is important for you. These are bigger than you think in the long run. Does he match you?IMG_1774 Find someone as motivated ( or unmotivated ) as you, you need to move at the same pace or one person will eventually resent the other for always having to drag them along (or chase after them). Follow your dreams and eventually the right one will find you, the one who can run just as fast as you want to go, who has goals that most other people call dreams, who would do anything to be there standing at the top of the mountain, holding your hand.


“Follow your dreams and eventually the right one will find you, the one who can run just as fast as you want to go, who has goals that most other people call dreams, who would do anything to be there standing at the top of the mountain with you, holding your hand.”

That being said, I hunted and hunted and hunted for my next camper van to renovate and hit the road with. This time is different, this time its not a trip, its going to be a life. I knew what I wanted and what I was willing to pay, so after 3 months of searching, I saw an add posted for an 82′ Chevy Cutaway 18.5 foot camper. Now, at first I was more into the van style campers and not so much the ” motorhome” style campers. However, When I saw her I knew what a good deal she was, $2000 and she was all mine, I named her “Neopolitan’!IMG_7841 She is more narrow then a regular motorhome and doesn’t extend beyond the width of the front end and she fits in a normal parking stall! She only has 44,000km’s on her, she also has a twin bed up top as well as a large table/bed down below for guests, there’s a toilet/shower, oven, stove, fridge, freezer and the most handy part is a large built on storage bin in the back, big enough for two large rubbermaid bins!IMG_7882

This area is great for all the seasonal stuff that isn’t used everyday like hammock, winter boots, propane etc. After getting halfway through the reno’s I took her into my mechanic, expecting a bill of a couple grand, and was pleasantly surprised when he called to tell me she was in immaculate condition and extremely well taken care of! Gave me a bill for $500 to change the oil, and coolant flush, fix the front wiper blade and replace the front bushings. He said she previously had her whole steering column replaced, new muffler, after market cruise control, new speakers, upgraded plumbing…I truly lucked out on her! As good as all this was, she wasn’t perfect, she had a few bad leaks in the back window/ bench seat and above the bed which caused the wood to rot and fall apart. on top of that I discovered tiny bugs that had claimed the top bunk as well ( not bed bugs, thank god! ) I called the exterminator right away to get it fumigated and that took care of the problem. IMG_7976I had to pull out all the old plywood, and thanks to my papa, we caulked all the windows and used ” leak seal ” as a silicone spray adhesive to second coat everything and prevent any more water coming in.

Everything was a mad rush, I had my condo listed as “available to be rented for august 15th” and seeing as It was already august 3rd when I bought the camper, I assumed I probably wouldn’t get a renter until September 1st. Well I was wrong, on August 4th, we signed the papers and he was to move in on the 15th. which gave me 11 days to renovate Neopolitan, pack up my condo and move the hell out. ( I rented it fully furnished so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds ) I was able to get all my stuff out and the condo in tip top shape for him, my camper was about 92% done.IMG_8239 My parents weren’t quite ready for me to leave just like that, seeing as how my last 2 weeks were spent sweaty and dirty and covered in paint in the van, with a ten minute dinner break at their house. I promised them I wouldn’t leave right away and would spend some much needed quality time with them before I hit the open road.

I have been working on different ways to survive on the road as I have always just saved up and lived poorly, left travelling, lived even more poorly until my travel fund ran out. This time is a little different, seeing as how I quit my job, I wont just be able to come back and make decent money. This time I am fully committed to sink or swim, survive no matter what. I already live way below my means so simple luxuries and material items are not my worry. As Long as I have food on the table and gas in my tank ( and coffee in my cup! ) I am ok. IMG_7634I have been working on a small natural dog product line of soaps, bug sprays, anti itch roll ons, and various other products to sell at markets along the way. This all came about with my ongoing struggle with Rubix and his allergies. summer time is the worst for him, finding “anti itch” shampoo’s without oatmeal or other grains or without chemicals be tough. So I decided to start researching essential oils and natural remedies and developing my own product! The results have been amazing so far and I feel happy about him not having to take medications or steroids. I have also been sewing like crazy to do a line of handkerchiefs ( Rubix’s trademark outfit ) to sell at markets and stalls along the way.IMG_7646 They have gone over great so far and I will be continuing to produce both products on the road. As you all know as well, I am working on being a little more consistent with my YouTube channel which will be up and moving again as soon as I am on the road! I also have had an amazing friend teaching me about different sponsors and advertisement that can help with funding, which has been so interesting for me. Make sure you check out his, ever growing, Youtube channel ( Life with Buzz ) for some amazing video’s! Im really trying to make this dream a reality, and I am willing to do whatever it takes. I also wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone that has followed along so far, your support and kind words really do mean so much to me, the encouragement has been amazing. Thanks again from the bottom of Rubix and I’s heart!

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