I’m sure I’m not like most as I was quite keen to get out of Vegas the next morning, I stopped just before the highway too take the pups for a big walk down the other end of the strip to just check it out. It was all the same from the other side as well, lots of shopping, hotels, casinos but somewhat fewer drunk people at 8 am. The next stop was Lake Mead, not too far away but I spent a few hours on Starbucks wifi, and didn’t arrive at the lake till about 2:30 pm. It was a 10$ entrance fee and the lake was all dog friendly! This time of year is great because the lack of tourists allows for much more rule breaking. We got down to the lake and there wasn’t a soul in sight so we opted for a run around in the water and after Bali found herself a nice crusty old faded tennis ball in the rocks, we finished it off with a game of fetch. We hopped back in the van and decided to take a little drive around too see about the trailheads we might walk the next morning and possibly a hiding place to park the van to avoid the 10$ camping fee (I know Im very cheap). We somehow managed to exit the park without knowing it and realized, what I thought was a giant city oasis, was actually Las Vegas, and we had gone the wrong way. We turned back around and decided to park the Van on a sunset viewing point and take our chances there for the night.

IMG_3538No troubles all night. We woke up in the morning and did a little training and long board sessions with Bali then had breakfast and headed for the trail. It was a pretty big loop and we only did about half before Rubix was lagging behind. We got back on the road and headed to Hoover Dam!

After passing by the security police checkpoint with most of the attention on how cute Rubix was, we drove upwards and parked at the top to avoid the 10$ parking fee. It was really amazing to see, and also crazy how much the water line had dropped since the Dam was first constructed. The bridge that towered over the Dam was equally impressive and It wasn’t too busy but busy enough you had to wait your turn to get a tourist free picture.

IMG_3612We had intentions to try and make it to the Grand Canyon that day, or at least most of the way so we could get there bright and early the next morning, but the elevation levels that were well over 6000ft made the roads blizzardy and wet, so we decided to pull over about an hour from the Canyon. Catching some free wifi at the Safeway, got some stuff done and headed back to the van to cook dinner and try not to turn into pupsicles in the -14 cold. We parked at a little church behind the Safeway and tried to stay warm.

Bali has had a bit of an upset stomach so she ended up having a poopy little accident in the night but it was quickly cleaned and forgotten by the morning. The shower in the van has also had a leak from the tap that has been getting progressively worse, so I thought we should stop by an RV repair place before we head to a national forest. We had woken up to quite a lot of water ( slightly frozen ) on the floor in the morning, which was not very fun. They pulled the shower off and ended up having to pull the oven out too, to finally find the leak was the connecting pipe to the faucet and just needed to be replaced. and it only cost an hour’s labour, so the bill was about $175.00. With the Van in a bit of disarray, I was feeling a bit stressed and anxious because, well, I’m a bit neurotic like that, but the tub needed to stay off till the water underneath was dry, to avoid any mood growing later. I am trying to pull myself together by organizing what I can.

IMG_3709We got back on the road about 12:30 and drove towards the Grand Canyon. We decided to stop in the Grand Canyon Village just before to try and have food and a shower and see the Canyon tomorrow as the weather was a bit crappy, but called for sunshine tomorrow. We found an RV campsite that said we could use their coin operated showers without paying for the night. I gathered my quarters and headed for the showers (finally get to wash my hair!) Now let me remind you, Its about -16 here right now, so I had this brilliant idea to wear my flip flops as I thought I would just wear them in the shower and tough our the few seconds of snow on my way to the bathroom. I narrowly avoided frostbite, and after reluctantly getting naked, I put my quarters in the slots and turned on the tap, or so I thought. No water came out. I tried and tried, and then almost wanted to cry as my body started going into shock, I put my jacket back on and my pants and went back to the van ( in my flip flops ) to head back to reception. Oh great, The lines had burst from the cold. Just my luck. I got my money back and am now currently sitting in the van with the pups in a McDonalds parking lot (how glamorous) planning our escape down south after we see the Grand Canyon. I need to chase the sun, I ran away from the cold for a reason!

An Awesome Dog Friendly Park!

Totally worth the Cavity Search.

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