We couldn’t get enough of the island life, so we went straight from Padres to Galveston. We had a few suggestions from the locals to stop by Victoria, but our drive through it determined it wasn’t too much of interest for us. We ate our lunch at the city square and got back on the road.

IMG_4119We were told Galveston was a bit touristy, but aside from tourist prices on everything, it was actually a pretty cute place. The first night we got wifi and discovered there was free parking on the seawall between 69th street and 81street. So there we parked, our windows open to the sea, the breeze sweeping us to sleep.

We had a couple of errands to run and just generally checking out the town the next morning. We filled our pockets with the dogs breakfast, for training, strapped them too us, and headed into town. We walked down the boardwalk towards the pier/carnival rides, and after about a 40 minute walk, we were told dogs were not allowed on.IMG_4118

On the walk back to the van we found some cool brick outcrops that were built to stop the waves from crashing too hard in to the shores. We decided to walk down them, until a few big waves hit and we almost lost the dogs in the ocean, with soaking wet shoes, we grabbed the pups and ran back to the shore!IMG_4132

We checked out how far the downtown sector was and weighed up our chances on it not raining at 1pm like it called for. We opted for the drier route and drove downtown after a very obviously unfit sheriff advised us it was “ way too far to walk!!”. After a four minute drive, we arrived downtown.

“Strand street” was lined with little Knick-Knack stores, home decor, cheesy T-shirts, candy, chocolate shops and fancy woman’s wear.DSC_0014

It was a great place to work on the pup’s obedience! We walked them in and out of tightly packed stores, full of on sale Christmas baubles and decorations. Rubix mastering his ninja bull in a china shop routine, weaving in and out of the aisles with ease and grace, only stopping when he walked into things too high for him to see. Bali learning very fast that she doesn’t need to sniff every bauble in the tree and behaving amazingly around so many distractions. She followed suit like a little shadow and they both sat patiently while people continuously stroked and petted them.DSC_0022

We found this island extremely dog friendly and highly recommend it for anyone travelling with their pooches!

We found a little bookstore, did a ton of internet research and work at Starbucks and headed out on the morning towards Houston. Our good friend Jordan is flying in from Edmonton, Alberta to spend over a week in the van with us. We don’t have a plan for new year’s yet so any suggestions on good places to go and see in Louisiana?

Galveston island, cool little cruise ship town.

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