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We picked up our friend Jordan from the Houston airport, flying in from Edmonton. We decided to head downtown for some food and wifi to plan out our route. We drove around a little bit trying to find somewhere to park our very tall van. After a few circles, we found the tightest parallel park spot and squeezed her big ol’ butt in there, then paid the atrocious nine dollars. While we were doing our circles we saw a Mexican taco restaurant called “Taco co.” that we had all agreed looked perfect. We weren’t disappointed, these tacos were friggen delicious and about 3.50-4.50 a taco, so actually slightly over priced for the size of it, but worth it in my books.

We all headed back to the van, with our bellies filled with taco’s, and we couldn’t have timed it more imperfectly perfect. We turned the corner to find our van all hoisted, strapped and lifted, just about to roll out behind the tow truck. We waved and shouted just as he was about to close the door, and we caught him just in time. Apparently we failed to see the sign that said ” No parking between 4-6 ” so by 4:07, they were doing their job extremely efficiently. We pleaded for his kindness but eventually money was the only language we both understood. 80$ cash in hand and he would unstrap us and give us back our home. We put that money right into his pocket, and were grateful that he was friendly and we didn’t have to go search for the van somewhere in Houston, and pay an arm and a leg to get it back. We were all ready to just get the heck out of the city and onto safe ground.Towed in Texas
All coming to the conclusion that New Orleans sounded like a much better option for New Years than Texas, we got back in the van and got ready for our 5 hour drive down. It was already late in the afternoon, so we only had a few hours of sunlight and kind of planned to just crash for the night somewhere.
We stopped in Baton Rouge, an hour and a half outside of New Orleans, pulling off the highway towards a truck stop. After spotting a church across the street, and opting for that instead of the loud bustling truck stop, we had a great sleep. The next morning Tom went to use the toilet at the truck stop, only to come back to tell us about the live tiger they had in a cage at (who would have guessed) “Tiger Truck stop”.DSC_0127
Apparently “Tony the Tiger” had been there and loved for over 26 years. There was a lot of signs fighting for Tony to stay at the “licensed zoo” but the city law had changed and it is now illegal for any personal ownership of exotic animals. To be fair, Tony wasn’t sick or mangy looking, but no animal should have to be caged, especially at a truck stop, outside, being gawked at by thousands of loud people daily.

Where Jordans adventure began!

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