Its been six months since I have written anything on my web sight, and even longer since I have posted. If any of you have been slightly following my journey its been a bit of a crazy runaround of trial and errors. I have been spinning my head around where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do with my newly acquired education in yoga and wellbeing.

       Prior to this, my blog has mostly been about life, traveling and travelling with dogs, in vans. haha. and yes I did just recently spend a few months traveling the west coast in my camper, but never really felt the inspiration to write about it. However I have decided to slow down a little now, give my head a shake and get back on track. I still want to share my views on life, love and experiences as well as my knowledge, trials and tribulations ( as I will always still be learning ). Since I have decided to sit still for a little bit, a “ travel blog” isn’t really possible, I really want to focus on the one thing that has kept my head in the right place, my heart beating strong, my body limber, and most importantly, my happiness.  

” we are all human, we are not perfect and thats about the only thing everyone has in common.”


That being said, if anyone has not caught on yet, Im talking about yoga. Its time to use my skills and what I went to school for, for good use. I want to share my experience with you and show you how I have found a way to live a happier, healthier life.  Now its not all going to be about yoga, of course, because as I’m sure most of you know, Im a bit of a chatterbox and like to find humour in my mundane. So of course I will also continue sharing my life,  creativity and dog with you. My blog will continue to be raw and sometimes a little too personal, because I believe in sharing. I believe that its ok to talk about these things because we are all human, we are not perfect and thats about the only thing everyone has in common.

     I hope That you are going to enjoy the new change in direction for my site. Feel free to contact me for any constructive criticism or advice, Im always a welcome ear. Thanks for sticking by me!

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