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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it was filled with family, friends and good food. We send all our love, from all of us!
Our Christmas was pretty quiet but thats pretty much exactly how I like them. The morning before Christmas Eve, we drove for about 5 hours or so till we found a truck stop/gas station to pull the van in for the night. We were about an hour outside of our destination of Padres island in southern Texas.

IMG_3959We spent a night in Lubbock, stopping by “Camping World” to have a quick look at what we thought was a gas leak. The smell was super strong, and it seemed to be coming from the fridge. We weren’t a 100% sure if it had anything to do with the repairs we had done with the bathtub, when they had to disconnect the gas lines to take the oven out. Turns out it was caused by a windy day and not enough insulation around the fridge. Easy fix with a 6 dollar can of expanding foam from Home Depot.IMG_3954
Off we headed towards the coast to try and find a beach for Christmas. We got into Corpus Christi at about 10:30am and drove along the seawall, then headed on to Padres island from there. It had a great little island feel, though there wasn’t as many businesses and coffee shops as we had expected. To be honest it was quite barren for how much beach and sand there was. We headed south towards the National park and pulled in where the camp store was to get the pups down to the beach and enjoy the 28 degree weather and bright sunny day!IMG_4001
Once we actually got to the beach, there was a “dog friendly” sign pointing left and endless empty beaches for them to roam. We were in doggy heaven! No one around, so many smells, waves crashing, and perfect sand. We went in the water for a little dip, the pups followed us in too. Rubix was trying so hard to stay next to me, but his poor swimming skills and the continuous waves that kept pushing him backwards had a different plan. Rubix and Bali wrestled and ran all down the shoreline while we caught a tan.IMG_4079IMG_4080The campsite was 8$ a night so, you really can’t go wrong. They had very clean toilets and showers (not hot, but pleasant) and a picnic table and small bbq at each site. It wasn’t too full and all the neighbours were friendly and quiet.IMG_4067The next day, the fog rolled in, along with 85% humidity. It was hot but everything ended up being slightly damp, the mist wet your hair and towels, but hey, its Christmas, so everything was good! We made the most of the beach and got a few groceries for dinner, then headed back. Steak for dinner! It’s pretty festive, I know, but who the hell wants to cook a full christmas roast in an “Easy Bake Oven” …or do the dishes!IMG_4069 My Christmas was spent with the most beautiful souls and I feel so lucky to have them in my life. I am so grateful for new experiences, second chances and new beginnings. Whatever the future holds, I’m ready for it, wherever it takes me, I choose to smile instead of stress.IMG_3988 Being far away from home, we would love to hear a bit about your favourite part of Christmas! Tell us in the comment section, we miss you all!

Our Sandy Christmas Spot

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