We were heading up to Riudoso, The trail we did was super fun. I did a little one on one training with Rubix, because sometimes, when it’s just him and me, he can get a little more protective, so I like to split them up every once and a while. The trail followed a creek, and because of the cold weather and the snow, it was a little hard to tell where the path actually still was. Rubix and I didn’t care, he loves the one on one time, and was always right on my ankles, jumping over fallen trees and hopping rocks over the creek.

I read these things on dog groups on the internet, advising bulldog owners to only walk their bulldog for 20 minutes, never take them out in the heat, no incline hikes… come on. It’s like a person, if you keep them fit, they stay fit! Ruby is 7 years old, never been fat a day in his life, and does hour long uphill hikes (in reasonably warm weather ) then when he gets to the bottom, chases his sister around for another 30 minutes, like a madman. Bulldogs aren’t meant to be fat!

After the walk, we all loaded back into the van, and decided to head towards Roswell, but just driving through, on our way to a lake called “Bottomless Lakes”. Which, might I add, Is not actually bottomless, Its about 60 metres deep,(I researched it) I don’t think I could handle a lake with no bottom, near an alien crash site. Roswell, was not too much to write about, it just looked like any little town I had driven to prior, I stopped by their flea market to get the pups out for a look around. Aside from people who had never seen bulldogs before, we didn’t find anything to our liking. It was just full of cheesy t-shirts and baseball memorabilia. We asked around and the only official alien-y place to go was the alien museum, which was not dog friendly, so we cut our losses and headed towards the lakes.
About 40 minutes outside of Roswell, There they were.

IMG_3944Only one of them could you swim in year round, due to algae, so “Leah Lakes” was our destination. The lake was super clean and clear and surrounded by red rock cliff faces, and there was only about 6 other people there, so very quiet. We paid 14 dollars for the night, which was really good, for electrical hook up, bathrooms WITH hot showers and a dump sight. The pups had a blast running around the empty sandy beach, both urging each other to go for a swim. We walked around the lake, ate dinner, and cozied in for the night.

IMG_3942Ya know sometimes on my travels, I stop to think about my past. I think about what I did right and what I did wrong. Do I have many regrets? I try to say no, because all those mistakes made me into the person I am today, and for the most part, I like that person. I have at times, lost sight of what is important to me and I have also let the stresses of my life decisions impact my relationship with others. I have been selfish with my own needs, ignoring others who have only looked out for my personal well being. I am stubborn and I know that, sometimes to my own detriment. This is me turning over a new leaf though, To listen instead of demand, to compromise and be open to what life has to give me instead of always trying to control my future. To be a person and a personality to love, instead of replacing it with money.IMG_3914

A cool little touristy town.

unfortunatly no alien anal Probing.

Most likely where the aliens are hiding.

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