IMG_3653Well there it stood, The Grand Canyon. The sheer size of it is indescribable. We drove up the south entrance and stopped at various view points. The dogs were allowed with us at the view points but not allowed on the trails, or in the actual canyon. It said “dogs allowed on the south rim only”. We were ok with that, as when it comes to the national parks, some dog allowance is better than zero tolerance.

We took some epic Photos with the pups on cliff edges, and they were more than well behaved. The pups were also allowed in the visitor centre, so we had a look around and gave us a chance to warm our toes up again. We practised their patience and focus as we examined the exhibits and they were to sit patiently. Honestly the progress these guys have shown has just been so amazing, and having them with us 24 hours a day is the easiest way to get them accustomed to every smell and every situation possible. Teaching them how to react and be calm has done wonders especially for Bali who is still more energetic and curious in her young age.

IMG_3677 DSC_0133We decided to hit the road, as the pups weren’t allowed to do any of the trail heads up there. We would have loved to check out Mooney Falls or Havasupai Falls but they were completely off limits for dogs, much to our disappointment. It was also about -16 at night and despite us having the heating on full blast, the water in the dog bowl still managed to freeze over. We couldn’t do another cold on, so we headed back down to slightly lower elevations.DSC_0146

Obviously amazing.

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