It must be different when you fly into Vegas, because when you drive into it, it just kind of feels like driving into any other big city. Now let’s just get this clear, Yes I was a stripper for 10 years, but I was a drugs free, never drank at work, kind of stripper. So needless to say, no, I’m not the biggest partier, and much more enjoy a quaint pub with good friends, than a giant nightclub, any day. And seeing as how I’m also not much of a shopper, and get a headache even thinking of spending more than 30 minutes in a mall, I’m not 100% sure what I was doing there. Don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to seeing what the hype was all about, and tried not to create any preconceived judgements about it. Not exactly sure where the actual “Vegas strip” was, we parked the van in a parkade, just outside of the “Fremont” area and got the pups out for a little walk around.

Maybe its because I’m not the biggest fan of massively touristy areas, and I don’t gamble, shop or club, but this was slightly what my nightmares are made of. It was just swarming with hustlers and addictions, smelled of cheap perfume and expensive purses. I felt a bit like one of the “strip workers” when people kept asking to take pictures of me and the pups, I really just should have started charging people, but I figured Rubix’s frothy drool on their clothes was payment enough.

The pups did awesome, especially considering they got pretty used to just being in nature without too many people around. They were now walking side by side, dodging crowds of drunk people, carnies, kids, blasting music, and Bali’s favourite, fallen floor food. Fully loaded with their dinner kibbles inside my pocket, doing lots of training and keeping them focused on me was the easiest way to avoid so many distractions and keeping them walking admirably. I really was very proud of them, and they were just adored left, right and centre. Ruby was pretty happy when he got a little love from the vegas showgirls and to play fair, we let Bali go say hello to the Chippendales shortly after. And then, after all was said and done, It was time for beers, because well, we are in Vegas.


What happens in Vegas, can stay in Vegas....hahaha!

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