Let's Keep It in Vegas

Vans Not Welcome.

wet dogs

drinks and dancing.

Awesome port town

Where 4 became 5.

Together is better.

Where we got anal probed

Cactus sweats.

I have never felt so small.

water shortage.

If only it was dog friendly

Rubix got a piggyback.

Where the legend became.

Where the adventure really began.

Waterfalls and trail hikes.

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I Live in a Van

… which is great but I also like making new friends! Feel free to get in touch and comment on anything you see. As this is my first attempt at blogging, I am very open to new ideas and constructive criticism.We only learn from our mistakes so don’t be hesitant to point out mine! I love feedback on anything you guys want to see more of as well, for posts or video’s. Cheers!

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